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Seaview is a family-oriented seasonal community of approximately 360 homes, located in the central portion of Fire Island between the Village of Ocean Beach and the unincorporated Brookhaven Town hamlet of Ocean Bay Park. Of these homes, 290 are located in Islip Township, and the remainder are in the Brookhaven section of our community (The dividing line between the two Townships on Fire Island runs north to south along Ivy Walk in Seaview.)


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Most residents use their homes as week-end and vacation havens during the months of April to November, and do not come to the Island during the cold winter season.  We do, however, have an increasing number of retirees who live on the Island for the entire summer, and there are also 4 or 5 Seaview families who reside on the Island year round.  Summer and year round residents alike are deeply attached to the Island, and third generation Seaview families are very common.  Many extended families also own more than one house, as children and grand-children grow up and come back to enjoy Seaview summers with their own families.

The Seaview Association, an incorporated not-for-profit Homeowners Association (501 C-4), owns and/ or maintains the community’s sidewalks, bay and ocean beaches, a children’s playground and wading pool, six tennis courts, a ball field, a community house and doctor’s office, the Serber Memorial Park, and other common areas.  The Association also purchased the 60-slip Seaview boat basin in June 2006.

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