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The Seaview tennis courts will officially open, Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 24, 2013. Please introduce yourselves to the pros before going onto the courts for the first time.
Simo Alami returns to Seaview Tennis as our Head Pro.

NOTE: Only those eligible members who have completed their Applications and fully paid their Association fees will be permitted to use the tennis courts. (Families who rent homes in Seaview must be sure that the homeowner has paid their Association fees in order to be eligible for tennis membership.)

The Tennis Committee has added exciting new programs for children, teens, and adults during weekdays. The Combined Adult Membership Program - - weekday-weekend play - - will be in effect this season for those members fortunate enough to spend most of their summer in Seaview.

Weekend games will be scheduled for seasonal play starting in June, with open time reserved for those Members not scheduled for weekend games (see Green Membership Categories sheet for the details).

The Revised Rules, found on the bottom of this letter, set out who is eligible to play on the Seaview tennis courts. Please read the Rules carefully.

In order to have an orderly and equitable assignment of court time, it is important that the Tennis Committee receive all scheduling requests as soon as possible. Assigned times for play will be posted by June 28, 2013. Prior to June 28, 2013, last year's assigned court times will be in effect for the weekends and weekdays for eligible tennis members.

If you are new to Seaview, or to tennis, and do not have a game, we suggest you take an "Unscheduled Membership" (#8), and consider registering for participation in a tennis clinic given by the pros or a private lesson with one of our pros. If you later decide that you would like to be in a scheduled game, you can speak to the Head Pro about getting you into a group on your level of play. See the Head Pro if you have any questions.

Until May 24, 2013, please send the completed application form for each household (YELLOW FORM}, scheduling form (GREEN FORM), for each player, along with your check, made out to SEAVIEW TENNIS, and mail the check to:
Alan B. Dunst, Chairman, SEAVIEW TENNIS
8 Wooleys Lane - B-30
Great Neck, New York 11023

After May 24, 2013, application packages and tennis fees will be accepted by the Tennis Pros at the courts. They will also have blank forms available there for your convenience. If you have any questions, we ask that you address them to the Tennis Pros in attendance. The Pros will refer any policy issues to the Tennis Committee.


Alan B. Dunst, Chairman, Deborah Beck, Dan Bernstein, Arlene Fauser, Richard Kosoff, Lynn Prigozen, and Jeff Zorek.



Alan Dunst, Chairman

Seaview Tennis Rules and Regulations, amended 9/14

  1. PERSONS ELIGIBLE FOR TENNIS MEMBERSHIP are (a.) Seaview Assn. Homeowners and members of their families who reside with them, who are current in their dues and service charges for each house owned and who do not rent to Group Renters (“Eligible Homeowners”); or (b.) Families who rent from “Eligible Homeowners” (“Eligible Renters”). Homeowners who rent to Groups for all or any part of the year are not eligible for Tennis Memberships or the use of the facilities as guests or otherwise; or (c.) When junior members reach the age of 18, they are required to become adult members. As an adult member, they will need to pay the prevailing rate for adult membership; or (d.) Seaview employees who will be eligible to play during unscheduled time without charge, and as fee-paying members if scheduled in a regular game. Immediate family members of employees are eligible for paid membership; or (e.) Immediate Family Members of Seaview Homeowners in good standing who reside elsewhere on Fire Island will be eligible for Tennis Membership (at the request of their parents) with an additional payment above the membership of $150 per player; and (f.) Guests of eligible homeowners/renters who are not tennis members (week- day membership only). Non-resident members cannot bring guests onto the courts

  2. TENNIS MEMBERSHIP is granted by the Tennis Committee to families of Eligible Individuals (as described above) who submit completed applications and pay the applicable membership fees.

  3. GUEST PRIVILEGES: Privileges for occasional guests are available only to House Guests and Visitors of Eligible Homeowners and Eligible Renters. Members must introduce their guests to the tennis pros prior to the start of play or if no tennis pro is present, remain on or at the courts while the guest plays. (Players from neighboring communities may play as guests once a week.)

  4. SCHEDULING AND COURT ASSIGNMENT: (a) Play is scheduled by the Tennis committee. Only foursomes will be scheduled during Prime Time*. Members are responsible for arranging their own foursomes. The Tennis Committee will make every effort to arrange appropriate foursomes for members unable to arrange their own. (b.) Courts are assigned by the Tennis Committee for the exclusive use of the scheduled players. Only scheduled players may use the assigned court. Everyone must play on their assigned court during their scheduled play. If a scheduled player is unable to play, it is that players’ responsibility to provide a substitute player acceptable to the other players. In no event may any scheduled player claim control of the scheduled time.

In the unlikely event a dispute arises as to those entitled to play, it must be promptly brought to the attention of the tennis pro. Scheduled games will be forfeited to unscheduled players ten minutes after the game is scheduled to begin if at least one of the scheduled players has not claimed the court. As a courtesy, unscheduled players shall not go onto an empty court until the ten minutes has elapsed. (c.) Weekend Members on vacation may sign up for weekday open court time on a daily basis. (d) Teenagers and children may only be scheduled to play on weekdays. For teenagers who are either not in residence or employed during the week, Adult week-end membership is available. Teenagers and children can play on weekends when courts are available. Adults must respect time assigned to teenagers and children.

5. MISCELLANEOUS: (a.) Lessons are available from the Tennis Pros and may be scheduled Monday thru Thursday. Lessons may be scheduled for Friday through Sunday, but only given if courts are available. Lessons will begin five minutes past the hour and will end five minutes before the hour to allow the tennis pros to attend to facility administration and maintenance. (b.) Members may not play for more than 2 hours on any day if there is a conflict with other entities as to court time who have not yet played 2 hours. (c.) Appropriate Tennis attire is required at all times. Shirts must be worn at all times. (d.) Approved Tennis Sneakers must be worn at all times to preserve court surfaces. (e.) Young children must be accompanied by an adult. They should be kept outside the courts so as not to disturb the players. For safety reasons, no child under 3 is allowed on the courts or in the grandstand/seating area. (f.) No dogs are permitted in our tennis facility which includes the grandstand/seating area. (g.) Any credit will be pro-rated, issued to a specific individual and is non-transferable. Under extenuating circumstances, credit will be issued toward future tennis membership fees and at the sole discretion of the Tennis Committee. (h.) Repeated violation of any rule may result in cancellation of the Tennis Membership without refund or credit, at the sole discretion of the Tennis Committee. (i.) The Tennis Committee reserves the right to pre-empt assigned play for tennis tournaments or any other sanctioned event. (j.) The Seaview Tennis courts are open from 8:30AM-7:30PM daily. (k.) Tennis players are responsible for keeping their courts groomed (brushing courts after use). For the safety of all players, please hang brooms and brushes on the fence.

* “Prime Time” is 8:30-10 AM, 10-11 AM, and 11-12:30. Court times are distributed on a first come basis to a fully paid group of four requesting that specific time slot.

email: Contact the Tennis Committee

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