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Evening Security Hours
in season (Memorial Day through Labor Day… in June- Saturday nights only)

Daytime Beach Monitors:

Security personnel are in Seaview to assist you and your family and guests.
Please do not hesitate to call on them-

HOWEVER …………Always call 911 first to report a
police, fire or health emergency

Security is present in Seaview during the summer season to protect our residents and their property and to respond quickly to emergency situations. Titan Security’s experienced personnel work to maintain safety, orderliness and quiet on our private walks. Their specific activities include the following: discouraging public alcohol consumption, controlling public rowdiness, reducing illegal bike riding (speeding, no lights), enforcing dog leash laws and preventing trespassing and other disturbances within our community.
Daytime Beach Monitors – support everyone’s enjoyment of our beaches by explaining the laws and codes of Islip and Brookhaven Townships, Suffolk County and New York State (which are applicable to conduct on our beaches and walkways), to Seaview residents and visitors who may be unfamiliar with them. The Beach Monitors may also elect to contact the Suffolk County Police to assure that these laws are enforced.

Please always ride your bikes at a safe speed
Use lights on bikes at night
Dogs must always be leashed on our walks and beaches.
Owners are required by law to clean up after their dogs…. Remember, it’s the law !!!!

Email: Contact Seaview Security