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Seaview's Senior Courtesy Cart

The Seaview Association sponsors a service for elderly or disabled homeowners, renters and their guests who need transportation assistance (by golf cart) to and from the ferry.

The Senior Cart is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteer drivers who offer their time and energy on week-ends during the off-season, and seven days a week during July and August.
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  1. Service may be arranged by calling Senior Cart Line

        @ 631-583-5562

Not for picking up items from the freight house
Rides to Seaview ferry only
Transportation also available to and from the Doctor’s office
It's very important to Plan Ahead!
This service depends on the availability of our volunteer drivers, who need sufficient advance notice. We cannot guarantee that someone will be able to help out at the last minute.

To make sure that your pick-up can be scheduled, PLEASE call at least 6 hours in advance.


We also need more volunteer drivers. It's easy, enjoyable...and a great way to 'give back' to our Seaview Community.

Interested in being a volunteer driver??  Dial 631-583-5562 and we will be happy to sign you up!!


Contributions to support this important community service can be made to the Seaview Community Fund.

Seaview Summer Driving Rules


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