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2012 bay beach presentation

Bay Beach Drawing

What you see above is Dan Bernsteins’ (Bayview) preliminary design for the planned renovation of the Bay Beach at Seaview, Fire Island.

An engineers report last fall told us that the existing baby pool was reaching the end of its’ service life. A fiberglass tub surrounded by a steel ring, it’s been in use for 30+ years, and the steel on the water side of the pool has degraded significantly. The fiberglass bottom has has patches on patches, and while it’s currently in compliance with new Federal Regulations regarding pool drains, it’s time to replace it with something that will serve the community for the next 30 years.

Replacement of the old pool mandates some additional improvements to the area:

We have been operating on a “restroom” waiver from the Suffolk County Board/Department of health for years. We have been informed that no such “waiver” for the new facility will be forthcoming.
The construction of the new pool thereby mandates the construction of restrooms available to the pool users, with handicap access needed by law. If we’re building restrooms, a changing room for the lifeguards is easy to include…they’ve been biking back and forth from the Bay Beach to the Security Shed by the ferry dock for years.

As an added benefit, this will also provide an easily accessible facility for the tennis and softball players.

Initial feedback from Linda Acee, the lifeguards, and a number of focus groups composed of young parents and other pool users is that the pool could/should be 50% larger. The plan above reflects that change. Dan has sited it close to where the existing pool sits, and of course, the placement of the pool/restrooms dictates the positioning of certain other elements of the design.

Key Issues:

Entrance is being moved to the East, towards OBP. There’s a bit of a traffic jam currently at Laurel Street and Bayview where we have tennis players and softball players meeting excited kids roaring down the ramp from the Bay Beach onto Bayview. Moving the Bay Beach access point to the East will mitigate this issue and provide a safer environment for kids and others entering and leaving the new facility…..

Septic field/Pumphouse. : The septic field for the new bathrooms is best placed up against the fence on the border of the adjoining waste transfer station.

Pool Construction and Size: Steve Bertolini (Bayview Walk) owns a large pool construction and installation firm with two locations on Long Island. (South Shore Pools) . He has been helpful regarding construction, design, placement etc.
Dan has proposeded a “textile cover”, which will provide shade for the pool area and is an eye catching design feature. It will be easily removable for storms and winter storage

Basketball Court: will of necessity be demolished to facilitate pool and septic field construction and rebuilt close to its’ current location.

Play equipment: Play equipment is relatively new, and in good shape. However, state of the art equipment is available. At some point, depending on funds available, a decision will be made whether to upgrade playground equipment or stay with the current structures.

Bike/Stroller/wagon parking will be increased, both on the pool deck and by the facility entrance

Sailing Program: this too will be moved to the east towards OBP with storage incorporated into the planned structure on the East side of the property.
In its’ current location, due to prevailing winds and inexperienced sailors boats have drifted down into the swimming area when launching or returning.

baybeach 2011

bay beach 2011