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Bob Pitler Memorial.

In honor of a lifetime of service to the Seaview ball field community, the annual "Moms vs Kids" game is being lovingly re-dedicated as the "Bob Pitler Memorial Moms vs. Kids game". This year the game will be held at 8:30 am Saturday, August 15th. (Rain date Sunday). Mark your calendar and please, spread the word. All welcome.
After the game a memorial plaque will be unveiled in appreciation of Bob's enthusiasm, dedication to the kids of Seaview, sportsmanship and spirit. It will be followed by a celebratory breakfast.
With his daughter Rebecca, we look forward to this annual celebration of a great man who will be forever missed.

Men's softball game.

The weekend Men's Softball Game (Saturday and Sunday mornings, 10:30a - 12:30p) is a fun, relatively competitive game filled with varying degrees of eptitude and always open to everyone.

Come play!

Teens and older, though we have seen grade schoolers who play better ball than some of our regulars. Everyone who comes down and wants to play gets in.
Online signup sheet: register here:

Cleats suggested. Newcomers welcome!


ball field slidesNewman Field is named after longtime “L” Street Seaview homeowner Fred Newman, who as a board member spearheaded its construction on land acquired by the Seaview Association in the 1950’s. The ball field is located at the corner of L Street and Thompson Avenue, immediately south of the Tennis Courts.*

Landscaped and constructed in 1973 with a $2500 contribution by the Seaview Association, the ballfield is Seaview’s village green. Home to the Seaview Little League, the annual Seaview-Ocean Bay Park Homeowners game, the Gurian-Gardner 9/11 Memorial Game, the annual “Moms vs Kids Game” (8/29/09), The Women's game .and countless other informal activities, the ballfield is open space forever and a tribute to the vision of the homeowners and Board Members of the time. The Ball Field is home to the weekly weekend Men's softball games, attracting ballplayers from Seaview and surrounding communities every Saturday and Sunday. The outfield was renovated by community manager, Larry Mattiesen. The infield was renovated in 2006 by Vinnie Fazio and his workers from Fazio Landscaping, at a considerable discount, aided by several Seaview homeowners and their children, and funded by the Seaview Association. it will continue to serve the community for years to come.

Little League:
Weekends, 8:30 AM. in Season. Send your kids over Saturday and Sunday mornings during the season for the kid’s game. The kids game has been a mainstay of Seaview summers since the early 80’s. Every effort is made to have every boy and girl participate. “SV Little League” T-Shirts provided.
Fri-Sat Sunday 5:30 PM (Older Kids 10 & up). The evening games are more ‘serious’ and competitive. 

Men’s Game:
Weekends, 11AM in Season. (Preseason pickup games usually played from 5/1 on)
Show up at 10:30 for batting practice. Typically, game participation is determined by attendance, skill level, and general ‘menschiness’.
"house rule" (regarding the penalty for hitting a ball over the net into the tennis courts:)
1st infraction you are out and out of the current game;
2nd infraction banned from the field for the season.

Women’s Game:
Monday Nights in Season
Show up at 6PM with your glove. Women over 12 only.

Homeowners' Game:
The Seaview-Ocean Bay Park Homeowners Game has been a fiercely fought contest and the highlight of every Labor Day Weekend since the early ‘70’s. Seaview retained the trophy in 2008, which is on display in the Liquor Store adjacent to the Seaview Market. Players must be homeowners' of record in their respective communities.

Gurian-Gardner Memorial Game. 2013 *NEW*... "History in photographs"

 2009-Gurian-Gardner Memorial Game-PICTURES

Gurian-Gardner Memorial Over-Under Game, pitting generation versus generation. The Over-Under cut-off age changes from year to year, determined by the ages of the ballplayers actually playing that day.The Seaview community lost three (*) second-generation residents in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. Two of them, Doug Gurian and Doug Gardner were fierce and able ballplayers, and the game is held annually in their memories. *(Third 9-11 Seaview Casualty (Joseph Dermot Dickey Jr.: Family Matters Most))

*(Hitting into the tennis courts is an automatic out!)

The Ball Field is for the use of Seaview Association members in good standing, and their renters and guests.
Any other individuals or organizations who wish to inquire about playing on the field should contact
Association at


2009 Mom VS Kids Game PICURES

August 15, 2015 dedication Bob Pitler Memorial

august 15th dedication Bob Pitler Memorial


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