Our Wimbledon Brunch and Tournament at Seaview tennis courts on July 5th was a success on many levels. The weather cooperated, and we had a turnout of 36 players. First place in the men's division was won by Ira Altchek. Mitch Grabow, Andy Schonzeit and Alan Dunst tied for 2nd. Chris Finkelson won the women's division, with Ann Sinkin coming in a close 2nd. In addition to great tennis, we all enjoyed the Wimbledon style Champagne punch and strawberries with whipped cream. Coffee and bagels were also served.

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 Thanks to Ian Levine from Sky Cable for providing the Direct TV link which enabled us to watch the Wimbledon Mens Finals.
And thanks to Simo Alami for his professional guidance in running the tournament. His phone # for tennis lessons or any tennis related question is: 561.543.7786
Practice up and get your tennis strokes in shape, we plan to run tournaments over the Labor Day Weekend for both adults and children.
FYI Seaview Tennis runs clinics
M-TH for adults and children.
Give Simo a call if you are interested.